Jaime del Val in Dubrovnik 2012

International Conference - Transforming the Human - Interuniversity Centre Dubrovnik


12 September 12'00:

Ecology of affects: From Bioethics to Kinethics

A metahumanist ontology of movement

Metahumanism proposes an ecological approach to reality, understood as field of relational forces, or affects to which we are not exterior to one another. Developing such an ecology of affects requires two complementary processes: to deprogramme subjects and bodies with regard to the choreographies of affects that they reproduce within normative (non-ecological, moralist, dualist) regimes (that are stratified according to capitalstic and other older disciplinary structures); and the development of techniques that set bodies in motion in ecological, immanent relational manners, whereby the production of relational ecologies implies the setting to motion of affective, technological and natureculatural ecosystemas in which to foster the emergence of the new, imponderable and heterogeneous, while hindering the emergenece and sustainment of violent power relaitons. Undoing the arbitrary dualism that construes the subject as external to the object and to other subjects is necessary for such an immanent approach. A number of metahuman techniques, practices and projects will be exposed in which relational ecologies are eventually set to motion.