Jaime del Val in Lüneburg, Germany - 19-22 july - Leuphana University - Institut für Kulturtheorie, Kulturforschung und die Künste

Workshop „Körperwahrnehmung – Körperrepräsentation“

Keynote presentation 19 july 18'00:

Aconscious & Amorphous

From consciousness to affection: Bodies without Control

Towards an ecology of affects


Issues around consciousness and representaion of the body usually take both terms for granted, yet they are part of a dominant tradition of control, not necessary conditions for a livable life. The presentation will oppose the study of consciousness and representation as ontological and epistemological conditions for the body and propose to go beyond their transformation in assuming that bodies are relational motion (affects) that exceed and preceede subjectivity and consciousness formations. Aconsciousness would be the act of feeling the affects of the forces that constitute the process of becoming of the bodies, and this relational movement process is always virtual, potential, open to the emergence of the new. Representation on the other hand is a control technology that opperates on the fixing of perception as its condition of possibility. The new account of corporeality as amorphous becoming needs the development of new specific technologies of the body that will be at the same time a politics of resistance to control society and setting to motion of ecologies of affects.